Hey, everyone! I’m Twig, and this is my blog, Twig’s Bookshelf! I’m so excited to start this blog, and I can’t wait to hear from everyone! Before we get into anything, I would like to give you an overview of this blog. This blog’s purpose is to excite fellow kids about reading, and to help parents and kids alike find books they either want their children to read, or that they want to read themselves. I know a lot of people that have trouble finding books and sticking to them. I know how hard it is to find that perfect book to just sit back and enjoy, so I’m going to write reviews and summaries of different books I’ve read, heard about, or own.


Some fun little extra things I might do are…

  • Throwback Thursday! Books for younger readers or good picture books I enjoyed when I was little. I will write reviews for them on Thursdays.
  • Printables! I will find and post activities, coloring pages, and bookmarks you can print out and do
  • Music! I can post a few tracks of audio books or soundtracks from movies that started out as books.
  • Links! I can post links to authors’ websites, book related games, and cool bookish YouTube videos!


You can comment or email me if you have any book recommendations for me, or if you want to participate in Twig’s Art Gallery. The tab for Twig’s Art Gallery is up near where the Categories/Tags section of the Home page are. To participate, you just have to make some form of book-related fan-art! You can draw a picture, collage, paint, take photos, play/sing songs, take a video, or make up a dance, and email me the picture or video. I will send an email back to confirm that I got it, and I will post it on the Twig’s Art Gallery Page. I will include a caption with your name or preferred nickname/username on it.


Can’t wait to get started! Happy reading!



About Twig

My name is Twig. I am a thirteen-year-old with a confession to make. I read past my bedtime. And to further annoy my mom, I am habitually late to the dinner table. “Just one more chapter!” Besides reading, I enjoy photography, dance, writing, drawing, and music. I play the violin and the piano, and I am in my school’s choir and orchestra. But usually, you will find me with my head wedged in a book. I really get into my reading. I started this blog because I know a lot of kids who have trouble finding that perfect book to just enjoy. I want to help those people by writing reviews and sharing my enthusiasm for books!
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