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This book is really good! It’s by Kate O’Hearn, the author of the best-selling Pegasus series. My best friend, Lily, also read it. I think she went a little bit insane afterwards, it was so good! I think kids age 10 and up would most enjoy this. I think is may be geared a little more towards tween girls, but boys might like it, too. A boy I know read the Pegasus series and loved it, so I guess it just depends on the person. 

In this book, the main character, Freya, is a Valkyrie, but she is a little different from the rest of the Valkyries, whom are her mother and sisters.  (The Valkyries are from Norse Mythology) Most Valkyries have gray or white feathered wings, but Freya’s wings are black as the night. As well as her physical appearance, her personality is very different, too. She’d rather go on long flights with her pet raven, Orus, than sit around in Valhalla with the Valkyries and the reaped soldiers. On Freya’s fourteenth birthday, she comes of age. As the last and youngest Valkyrie, Freya is ready to begin fulfilling her Valkyrie duties. On her first reaping assignment on a human battlefield, she selects a dead soldier to come back to Valhalla with her. He is very worried about what will happen to his family, and makes Freya promise to make sure his mother, wife, and two daughters are alright. She keeps her promise, and journeys to the human world for the first time. She makes strong friendships there, but in the end, is forced to choose between the realms where Freya originates, and the world that her new found friends belong to. Eventually, it begins to look like Freya will have to choose between her life in Asgard as a Valkyrie, or staying in Midgard with her new friends. But is there a way for her to do both?

Valkyrie is a beautiful story about self-discovery and what it means to be a real hero. Be sure to check out the rest of the series: The Runaway, and War of the Realms! Fans of Rick Riordan’s epic Magnus Chase series would be sure to enjoy these action-filled books! 

OTHER BOOKS BY KATE O’HEARN: Pegasus and the Flame, Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus, Pegasus and the New Olympians, Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus, Pegasus and the Rise of the Titans, Pegasus and the End of Olympus, Shadow of the Dragon Part One: Kira, Shadow of the Dragon Part Two: Elspeth, and Herm’s Secret.

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