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A True Princess

My mom loves Diane Zahler’s books, and I like them a lot, too! A few fairy tales she’s written are Sleeping Beauty’s Daughters, which is a story about the two daughters of Sleeping Beauty, Princess of the Wild Swans, which is a retelling of the fairy tale about the princes who are turned into swans, and their younger sister has to weave them sweaters out of stinging nettles to save them, and The Thirteenth Princess, which is about the twelve dancing princesses’ forgotten sister. I also read Baker’s Magic, which is about a baker’s apprentice in a magical world where trees no longer exist.

In A True Princess, Lilia’s best friend, Kai, has been put under a spell by the wicked Elf Princess. The only way Lilia can save him is to find a powerful jewel of ancient magic that is hidden in the North Kingdoms. The jewel is not easy to find. The castle where Lilia thinks it is hidden is caught up in its own search – for a true princess!

A True Princess is even formatted in a neat way. Each chapter is a rule for princesses that Lilia breaks in that chapter. For example: Chapter One is called “A True Princess Does Not Eavesdrop”, and Lilia eavesdrops on her parents right at the beginning.

I think kids (Adults, too! My mom really likes this author!) ages 7-ish and up would like this book. At first, if they aren’t strong readers, they could read it with a parent. It all depends on the kid. I read this with my mom when I was 7 or 8 years old, and we both had a really good time reading it. It expanded my vocabulary a ton, and was overall an enjoyable read.  

Here is the link to Diane Zahler’s website. Happy reading! Books by Diane Zahler

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